Art For Pitties was created to honor the pit bull, a loyal family dog and playful companion by dispelling the modern day myth that pitties are "inherently dangerous". Pit bulls have long been seen as faithful family members, known to be wonderful with children and to simply want to please their human companions. The AFP Project is combining a love for pit bulls with a love for art. 100% of the proceeds go to benefit EVEN CHANCE: Pit Bull Advocacy, Resources, and Rescue.

Fifty + of the most creative designers / illustrators / painters / sculptors will be supplied with a tote bag to create a one-of-a-kind design to be auctioned off via the internet for Even Chance. Not all creative mediums work in conjunction with tote bags; in this instance artists are encouraged to donate an item of their choice to the auction. Artists have free creative reign over their donated work. All art donations are to be completed and returned by July 23rd. The AFP Project auction will begin August 22nd and end a week there after. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at ArtForPitties@gmail.com

In recent years pit bulls have gained a bad wrap as dog fighting has become increasingly popular. It is true that hundreds of years ago, pit bulls were bred to be fighters. However, it is also true that pit bulls were specifically bred to be loyal human companions. Along with dog fighting, pit bull attacks on humans also cause alarm amongst the public. Breed Specific Laws (BSL) have been enacted in certain cities, such as Denver, banning pit bulls altogether. Mistaken identity of the breed is at times to blame as well as sensationalizing pit bull bites over other breeds. Being a responsible educated owner and groups like Even Chance educating the public on pit bulls, as with any breed, is most important.

EVEN CHANCE is a San Diego based, non-profit, volunteer run organization. Their mission is to counteract misinformation about pit bulls with factual education, communication and resources for the public; including pit bull owners and potential adopters. Even Chance rescues temperamentally sound dogs from Southern California shelters, including dogs with medical needs and dogs rescued from organized fighting rings or other inhumane situations. They also provide foster care for the rescued dogs until they are placed in safe and loving forever homes.