Sunday, August 15, 2010

Artist #46: Rosanna Lyons

Rosanna Lyons is a fine art painter and dog lover living in the Bay area. She also animates Special Effects for The Simpsons TV show. Her past work includes animation for Dreamworks SKG, Disney, Amblimation ( A Spielberg company) and Don Bluth Studios. She originally comes from Ireland. Rosanna has collectors from all over the world; From Singapore to LA and Australia. She adores painting people and dogs in a classical manner. At present, Rosanna is working on a group of large nudes, which she is planning to exhibit in San Francisco next year. She lives with her beautiful terrier mix Marnie, too- cute- to- live- Scottie rescue, Reggie and handsome human, Aaron! See her work on Face Book at Rosanna Lyons Fine Art or on her website at


  1. Love the descriptions of the family. Interesting that Aaron gets the least number of adjectives... ;)

  2. I loved your painting on ebay and wanted to bid too, but i'm in the UK so I couldn't, I hope it gets a good home!