Saturday, August 14, 2010

Artist #45: Andrew Zubko

Andrew Zubko is a Portland, OR based artist and illustrator that specializes in traditional, digital, and dimensional illustration. His past clients include The Wall Street Journal, The Portland Mercury, Psychiatric Annals, Ink & Paper Group, and Red Sneaker String Ensemble. In the spring of 2010, Andrew's illustration, Batman Vs. Shark, led to internet fame and notoriety. It was seen on sites such as Geekologie,, and the official blog of Rachel Maddow and led to the commission of a cover for The Portland Mercury, depicting the subject matter chosen by its readers by an online poll. The winning topic was Betty White, holding a flaming chainsaw, riding John Ritter. This piece again gained quite a bit of attention online, and a print has even made its way to the private collections of both the Ritter family and Betty White. The latter half of Andrew's life has been heavily influenced by animal rights as well as the right of all life to be treated with respect and compassion. He has a good pit bull friend named Ishmael who resides in southern California with other good friends. Visit to see more of Andrew's work!

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  1. I'm glad to have discovered this blog (through Etsy for Animals) and I will see about donating some of my work for such a great cause. It's wonderful to see other people helping to raise awareness of this misunderstood dog breed.

    Kind Regards,
    Doris Sturm