Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Artist #13: Kelly Vetter

Kelly Vetter born in Jersey City, named after dad’s favorite Irish bar, and raised in between the malls and highways of the asphalt coated garden state… a post punk suburban life backlit by a skyline of refineries, creating hazy curtains that veiled a twinkling, dreamlike Manhattan skyline. Influenced by this surreal scene and a formal education in the arts at Pratt Institute, Kelly Vetter creates an allegorical alternate universe of miniature paintings on panel, artworks employing recycled paper and ephemera evoking a fractured fairytale fantasyland. A lifelong dog lover, involved in dog rescue and proud parent to rescue/shelter dogs, including a boston terrier puppy mill mama, a Chihuahua mix shelter survivor, and big pit bull boy Fido. Fido first came to us (after Hurricane Katrina) as a broken pup with two damaged legs, and a gentle smile. Now, he is an ambassador for his breed, leading the pet parade at the local elementary school! www.kellyvetter.com

1 comment :

  1. your work is a perfect blend of the whimsical and the eerie!"Fractured Fairytale fantasyland" beautifully describes your work, well done.