Thursday, July 8, 2010

Artist #08: Dominique Mercer

Dominique Mercer recently received her degree in graphic design. Based in Maryland, at twenty-one years of age her career as a designer is currently underway. Urban is said to describe her style best (probably can't tell that from this piece I did), she would like to toss in fun, a bit edgy and attention grabbing. As a designer Dominique welcomes a challenge, approaching everything with an open mind, intelligence, style and grace. She is also a lover of all animals. Her pit bulls since the age of 9, Justice, Blue, and Maze hold her heart tightest! It was love at first sight, to last until forever.

1 comment :

  1. Ive seen this girls work from the start and she is by far the most determined artist ive yet to see in my life. She is so full of life you cant help but feel better around her, she's a Living, Breathing, walking advil. Her Art just takes away all kind a headaches. Anyone would be a fool not to hve her do any kind of work for them