Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Artist #06: Steven Cossman

Steve Cossman was born in Maywood, CA. He received his BFA from Albright College and went on to study cinema in the Czech Republic at FAMU. He returned to the U.S following school, working as an artist assistant on Long Island. He currently works and lives in Brooklyn, NY where he is director of Mono No Aware, an 'Annual Exhibition of Expanded Cinema'. This year his film TUSSLEMUSCLE has been screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, VideoEx in Zurich, the Milwaukee Underground Film festival and will tour the US/Europe in the Fall. Cossman is a long time vegan and animal advocate. His recent interests include faceting, apiology and Puerto Rico. www.stevecossman.com www.mononoawarefilm.com

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