Saturday, July 3, 2010

Artist #03: Magda Smolenska

Magda Smolenska is a self-taught artist who enjoys painting through experimentation with different media and techniques. Oil paints are usually the preferred medium but that does not prevent her from doctoring them up with various ingredients to change the feel of the finished product. Her inspiration comes from the everyday events, friends, laughs, personal disasters, things she's seen, and things she'd like to see. Magda has traveled extensively and has seen the works of masters and the museums dedicated to them. However, to her, art is random, and each painting becomes a manifesto of feelings, colors, and assemblies. She takes art as it comes, in all shapes and forms, and most importantly as a part of her life. She states "In my mind, art has made me a better architect and architecture has made me a better artist."

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